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Tubigon town turns the after-burners; aspiring to be a tourism powerhouse

Tubigon town turns the after-burners; aspiring to be a tourism powerhouse

Without a doubt, Tubigon has all the natural wonders to be a tourism powerhouse.  Bohol has been known as a tourism juggernaut, but the town’s efforts to become a tourism hub simply hasn’t taken off.  Tourists to this town are just passersby as they go through the town en route to other attractions.  Tubigon to some tourists, is just a pitstop and a “gateway” to Bohol. Change is coming. Town officials are pulling all the stops and firing up the after-burners to revive the dream of becoming a relevant tourist destination in Bohol.  The town recently had a joint venture with Boboy Costas, the brain in the success of Alonguinsan’s Bojo River Cruise, Cebu in the creation of Tubigon’s ecotourism.  Potential sites were taken into consideration but Cabgan Island was the most promising one to take off the town’s tourism industry.  It has a distinct and unique feature that is incomparable to the rest of the popular destinations in Bohol. Cabgan Island is the heart of the tour.  It is a mangrove area about 85.6 hectares, the natural habitat for bats, flying foxes, rufous night herons and other species of birds.  It is a community based project wherein the barangay folks of  Macaas undergo extensive training on mangrove, bats and ecotourism to capacitate them once tourists coming in.  A boardwalk was constructed in barangay Macaas as a starting point of the tour.  At the end part of the boardwalk, cottages available perfect for picnics and beach parties. A package tour for a group of 5 worth P 850 per person inclusive of breakfast, lunch, snacks, boat ride and the... read more
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