About Tubigon

Old Tubigon Town Center

Old Tubigon Town Center

Established in the 17th century with an obscure beginning, due to the lack of written records, civilization is said to have started with the early Malays from the Southeast Asian countries who emigrated to the Philippines through the small bancas knows as “balangay”. These settlers called the community they established as Tubigan since the place was always submerged in water when the traversing river overflows its banks during rainy seasons. Later, this was changed to “Tubigon” which means a place bounding in water.

Located in the northeastern part of the province, the municipality is bounded on the east by the Municipality of Clarin, west by the Municipality of Calape, south by Municipality of Catigbi-an and San Isidro and Bohol Strait on the north. It is 54 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City, the province’s capital and 21 nautical miles south from south of Cebu City. Comprising of 34 barangays with a total area of 8,186.9621 ha., Tubigon has come a long way before it became a major growth center in the province making it a first class coastal municipality in the Province of Bohol.

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Endowed with rich natural resources, major activities in include fishing and farming. However, trading and commercial activities have flourished in the town due to easier access to transportation and communications system, and the LGU’s move to provide better access and opportunities among the people in the town. The municipality aimed to become a major supplier of agricultural and fishery products.

Based on the State of Local Governance Performance Report (LPGMS), a report to determine the fundamentals of good governance such as participation performance such as participation, transparency, and financial accountability, the LGU rated high as well as in economic, social and some aspects of administrative governance. Further, the LGU rated excellent in environmental governance and in administrative governance particularly on customer service- civil application and human resource management and development.

In pursuit of its mission, vision and goals, Tubigon aimed to heightened its PPAs to achieve effective environmental management, development administration, social services, infrastructure and physical development and economic development.

To achieve such goals, one of the major strategies identified is through collaboration and partnership with NGAs, Civil Society Organizations, NGOs and the communities who are the recipients of these initiatives.

Tubigon  Public Market

Tubigon Public Market