Mission, Vision and Goals

Tubigon VMG

Tubigon VMG

Mission Statement

” To create a positive environment for sustainable growth through the provision of effective and efficient services and good local governance that will improve the quality of life of its citizenry.”


Vision Statement

” TUBIGON is a prime eco-cultural tourism destination, economically vibrant trading center and productive agro-industrial municipality led by competent, dynamic and committed leaders, with family-oriented, God-loving, healthy, secured and empowered people sustainably managing the environment. “

The municipality’s vision is crafted to achieve a vibrant future for the citizens through improving the quality of life. It is also intend to deal with pertinent changes in this era of globalization. Further, it also links the activities that will be organized to achieve competitiveness and empowerment among its constituents.

Through this vision, the municipality ensures that the future of the municipality foster sustainable development through enhancement of tax base, creation of employment opportunities without undermining its culture and traditions. It is a fervent hope that through this vision, it will build a secured and stimulating atmosphere for all to move forward by improving and sustaining a positive environment for orderly business and economic growth; recognizing and using the past experiences to guide future decision-making and relying on the municipal values to assist in the democratic decision-making process.


  • To establish a development framework that will ensure the improvement and sustainability of a positive environment for orderly business and economic growth that will encourage investments, promote livelihood and employment opportunities;
  • To ensure sustainable growth in revenues from industries that adhere to sustainable framework for developing, utilizing, and managing the environment and natural resources of the municipality
  • To enrich and continuously develop the dynamic and creative local culture in the barangays anchored on the youth
  • To establish and institute development framework that will enhance LGU capability to deliver basic services, strengthen fiscal management, promote transparency and accountability and effect better governance
  • To ensure food security and increase in production and income of the marginalized agricultural and fishery sector