Specific Objectives

Tubigon VMG

Tubigon VMG


  • To increase efficiency and reliability of financial systems;
  • To institute organizational reforms and encourage professionalism of LGU employees;
  • To ensure peace and order and uphold the rule of law;
  • To establish the Tubigon Center for the Culture and Arts Development;
  • To improve service delivery and customer satisfaction


  • To increase crop, fisheries and livestock production
  • To enhance agricultural extension services especially to the marginalized farming and fishery sector
  • To promote the handicraft and home based cottage industry especially those that support and contribute to tourism development
  • To identify and promote the development of eco-cultural tourism destinations
  • To ensure Household food sufficiency and security
  • To improve, rehabilitate and construct road networks, small irrigation facilities and other related infrastructure
  • To sustain ecological solid waste mgt.
  • To strengthen the CRM program and sustain linkages with developmental partners
  • To pursue upland reforestation and eco-friendly farming
  • To formulate a comprehensive investment and incentive policy/code
  • To improve the delivery of potable water supply


  • To ensure availability of reading materials for Elementary Grade pupils
  • To enhance capacity of teachers on especially on Science, Makabayan and Math
  • To establish an Internet connection at the Central School (electronic library)
  • To reinforce the “Literacy cum Livelihood program” for adult non-formal education
  • To tie up with TESDA on skills development for the OSY
  • To reduce prevalence of malnutrition by 50% (from 10% to 5%)
  • To upgrade the TCH accreditation from primary to secondary
  • To upgrade and equip Municipal and barangay health stations
  • To strengthen the reproductive health program of the LGU
  • To establish the Tubigon Employment and Placement Office
  • To conduct semi- annual Jobs Fair and similar activities
  • To increase the number of PhilHealth “Medicare Para sa Masa” beneficiary by 50% of target beneficiaries
  • To establish a municipal crisis center that will respond to the needs of women, children, the elderly and the disadvantage