Availing of Outpatient Consultation at Municipal Health Office


The purpose of this service is to diagnose and treat illnesses and give appropriate medical services.

Service is available at the Municipal Health Office (MHO) to any person/individual who needs medical assistance.


Follow These Steps It Will Take You Please Approach
Admit Client for OPD
Midwife on Duty asks client reason for consultation and writes client’s data on the Individual Treatment Record (ITR) 2 minutes Midwife On Duty
Assessment of Patient
Midwife on Duty takes medical history of patient. Gets vital signs and records in the Individual Treatment Record Form (ITR). Then, she refers the patient to the physician in duty. 2 minutes Midwife on Duty
Examination odf Patient
Physician on Duty of the Municipal Health Office:

  1. Examines patient
  2. Prescribes appropriate medicine and gives medical advice
  3. Refers patient to assigned personnel for issuance of medicine.
  4. d. If hospitalization is required, fill-up referral form to the hospital or choice.
5 to 10 minutes Dr. Bob Bernabe P. Batausa
Municipal Health Officer
Carry Out Doctor’s Order
  1. Dispensing of Medicines
  2. Counseling
5 to 10 minutes Marlene R. Basio
Public Health Nurse