Securing a Health / Medical Certificate


Firms and government agencies may require Health Certificates from certain persons. This is especially true for those who are applying for a driver’s license with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and people seeking employment.

Schools also require students to secure a Medical Certificate before they are allowed to enroll.

Health and Medical Certificates are issued by the Municipal Health Office (MHO).

Issuance of Medical Certificate Php 50.00
Certification Fee for Driver’s License Php 50.00
Certification Fee for Employment and Other Purposes Php 50.00


For Applicants for a Driver’s License:

  • Certification Fee

For Employment and Other Purposes:

  • Results of Blood Test (CBC)
  • Results of Chest X-ray
  • Results of Urinalysis
  • Certification Fee

For Medical Certificate for Students:

  • Certification Fee


Follow These Steps It Will Take You Please Approach
Goto the Municipal Health Office

Personnel instruct client to pay required certification fee and present Official Receipt.

2 minutes Violeta E. Corage
Admin. Aide I
Register Client

Personnel accomplish certificate form and refers client to the physician on duty.

2 minutes Violeta E. Corage
Admin. Aide I
Issuance of Certificate

Physician on duty assesses and examines the client before signing the certificate form.

Health or Medical Certificate is issued to client.

2 minutes Dr. Bob Bernabe P. Batausa
Municipal Health Officer