Using and Borrowing of Books at the Tubigon Municipal Library

To search books in the municipal library, users may use the following:

  • Card catalogue
  • Library book guide / call number order

Books are arranged on the shelves in call number order found at the lower portion of the book spine, The call number order followed is:

000 – 099 – General Works (Research, journalism, bibliographies)
100 – 199 – Philosophy, Psychology
200 – 299 – Religion
300 – 399 – Social Sciences (Education, Political Science, Law)
400 – 499 – Language and Languages
500 – 599 – Science, Mathematics
600 – 699 – Applied Science, Industries (Engineering, Accounting, Management)
700 – 799 – Fine Arts, Music, Recreation
800 – 899 – Literature
900 – 999 – Biography, Travel, History, Novels/Fiction, Special Collection.

The Reading Areas

The library is conducive to learning. The following sections in the library provide space for reading and research.
a) Reserved Section – may be used only within the library.
b) Filipiniana – materials published by Filipino authors containing
Information to Philippine culture and history.
c) General Reference – These materials wqill provide information on a range of subjects. (Ex.: Encyclopedia, dictionaries, almanac, yearbooks, bibliography, etc.)
d) Research – a collection in the library that supports a specialized research in an academic discipline or field.
e) Periodical Section – a collection containing magazines, newspapers and others, Current issues of newspapers and magazines may be used only within the library and must be returned to the periodical counter after reading.
f) Local Materials – such as souvenir programs, periodicals, reports and other materials.

Users of the library only have to present their ID cards. Those who would like to bring home books and reference materials, however, must be library members and present their library cards. No fee is charged for borrowing books, but the municipal library charges the following penalties for returning reference materials beyond their due date:

Penalties for Overdue Books

Type of Books Penalty
Circulation Php 2.00 / hour
Reserve, Filipiniana Php 1.00 / hour

Membership Fee
An annual membership fee of Ten Pesos (Php10.00) applies to Tubigon residents only.


Follow These Steps It Will Take You Please Approach
Apply for a Library Card
See the library personnel, fill up an application form and pay the P10.00 registration/membership fee. Client will be issued a library card. 2 minutes Mrs. Lourdes L. Mascariñas
Municipal Librarian-Designate
Do research through library materials
Present an identification card (e.g. school ID, or other legal IDs). Client can now use library materials.

  1. The client in looking for books may use the card catalog & call number coding
  2. The client may also request for more information from TML personnel.
30 seconds Lourdes L. Mascariñas
Municipal Librarian Designate
Borrowing Books/Non-Book References
Fill-up Book Card

Present and leave library ID Card to Librarian In-Charge before selecting any books to read or to borrow.

Books from the general collection may be borrowed for one week, renewable for another one week if there are no other requests for the said books. Not more than two books may be allowed to a borrower at a given time. Books from the reserved section may be used only within the library.

Library users are required to deposit their id cards at the desk every time they use the reserved & reference books.

1 minute Giselle Delgado
Checking of Reference and Release of Borrowed Book

Library-in-charge checks the references and informs the client about the date when the book is to be returned.

30 seconds Giselle Delgado