Applying for Available Block, Stall, Space or Area


Follow These Steps It Will Take You Please Approach
Register at the Registry Book & secure requirements. 5 minutes Cecilia Cifra
View, assess & evaluate the prospective block, stall or space. 10 minutes Raul Cifra
Interview & give short briefing to the applicant. 10 minutes Emmanuel Suacillo
Verify at the MTO the status of the available block, stall or space for occupancy. 5 minutes Martina Bagolor
Pay at the MTO the corresponding payments. 10 minutes Patricia Cosmo
Secure Mayor’s Permit & Contract of Lease at the Mayor’s Office.   Violeta Pongase
Back to Market Office for documentation & registration as occupant. 10 minutes Cecilia Cifra
Martina Bagolor
Approval 10 minutes Market Committee