Slaughtering of Livestock and Issuance of Meat Inspection Certificate


Livestock to be sold in the Tubigon Commercial Complex and the Cahayag Public Market areto be slaughtered in the Tubigon Municipal Abattoir.


  • Personal Identification
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Certificate of Ownership / Transfer
  • Meat Inspection Certificate (should be displayed at the stall)
  • Official Receipts
  • Gate Pass
Fee HOGS Large Cattle / Carabao
Inspection Fee Php 7.50 12.50
Slaughter Fee 0.75 / kg. 0.75 / kg.
Post Mortem Fee 0.30 / kg. 0.30 / kg.
Ante Mortem Fee 4.00 / head 6.50 / kg.
Coral Fee 5.00 Day / Head 5.00 Day / Head
Permit Fee 20.00 / head 50.00 / head
Market Fees Cash Tickets Php 2.00 / kg. (Privilege to sell)


Follow These Steps It Will Take You Please Approach
Registration of Livestock

Register at the Guard on Duty

2 minutes Guard on Duty
Inspection and Presentation of Documents

Present documents and livestock for inspection.

2 minutes Edito Fronteras
Meat Inspector
Tertuliano Rosco
Rodolfo Dagoldol
Animal Observation and Animal Surveillance
Animal shall be placed in a penholder for observations 8 hours Edito Fronteras
Meat Inspector
Job Order

Guard on duty prepares job order and schedules the slaughtering per request of the livestock owner.

2 minutes Guard on Duty
Rodolfo Dagoldol
Slaughter Process
Hogs, Horse, Carabao, Cow (Large Section) 1 hour Roselito Notarte
Dario Boligao
Custodio Marcojos
Victor Abesia
Lemuel Rulida
Alejandro Dinoy
Danilo Pesidas
Ignacio Banlasan
Antonietto Enriquez
Post Mortem Inspection and Branding
Owner presents the meat for inspection and branding 3 minutes Edito Fronteras
Meat Inspector
Tertuliano Rosco, Jr.
Weighing 3 minutes Edito Fronteras
Tertuliano Rosco, Jr.
Issuance of Meat Inspection Certificate
Meat Inspector issue certificate of inspection. 2 minutes Edito Fronteras
Meat Inspector
Delivery of Carcases to Tubigon Public Market
Delivery to the Market 10 minutes Victoriano Romulo
Slaughter House Workflow

Slaughter House Workflow