Filing Petition for Change of First Name (CFN) or Correction of Clerical Error/s (CCE)


REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9048 authorizes the city or municipal civil registrar or the consul general to correct a clerical or typographical error in an entry and or change of first name or nickname in the civil registrar without need of a judicial order.

An administrative remedy in nature, it is a departure from the usual judicial process in correcting clerical errors or changing an entry in the civil registry documents. It is aimed to an expeditious and cheaper way of correcting errors found in the civil registry documents.

Filing fee for CFN Php 3,000.00(+Php 1,000.00 service fee for migrant petitioner)
Filing fee for CCE Php1,000.00(+Php 500.00 service fee for migrant petitioner)
Subscription Fee Php 100.00


Follow These Steps It Will Take You Please Approach
Presentation of Problem

Client approaches the EIC and presents his problem.

1 to 2 minutes Ma. Grace P. Reserva

EIC informs the client to file a petition for CFN or CCE.

1 minute Ma. Grace P. Reserva

EIC hands over a list of supporting documents applicable for said petition.

EIC advices client to come back after complying all the requirements.

5 minutes Ma. Grace P. Reserva
Submission of Requirements

Petitioner returns and submits all the requirements.

EIC examines the documents submitted.

3 minutes Ma. Grace P. Reserva

Once supporting documents are complete, petitioner is advised to pay the appropriate filing fee at the MTO

5 to 10 minutes MTO Collection Clerk
Preparation of the Petition

Petitioner submits the OR to the EIC.Petitioner is advised to wait while the EIC prepares the petition.

Petitioner ask to check, review and sign the petition.

10 to 15 minutes Ma. Grace P. Reserva
Signature of the MCR

EIC hands over the petitioner to the MCR who will administer the oath.

1 minute Lelita V. Niñora

EIC informs the petitioner of the 10 days posting period before the MCR approves the petition.

Petitioner is advice to make follow up after 2 months.

1 to 2 minutes Ma. Grace P. Reserva
Posting of the Petition

EIC prepares the Notice of Posting

2 minutes Ma. Grace P. Reserva
Approval of the Petition

After the posting period, MCR makes her decision.

5 to 8 minutes Lelita V. Niñora
Transmittal of Petition to NSO

After the approval, the petition is transmitted to the National Statistics Office (NSO) for affirmation.

15 minutes LBC Personnel