Registration of Death Certificates


It shall be the responsibility of the nearest relative or spouse who has knowledge of the death of the person to report the same within thirty (30) days reglamentary period.


  • Death Certificate
Burial Permit Fee Php 30.00
Transfer of Cadaver 500.00
Exhumation Permit 100.00


Follow These Steps It Will Take You Please Approach
Filing of Document
Client approach the EIC. EIC will give the registration form to be filled-up. If a person died in a hospital, client will present the death certificate duly sign by the attending physician. 3-5 minutes Delia Batausa
Mary Joyce Yvonne Dimasangca
Mirasol Requillo
Examination of Document
EIC examines whether it is submitted on time or delayed and is properly filled-up. 2-3 minutes Delia Batausa
Mary Joyce Yvonne Dimasangca
Mirasol Requillo
Preparation of the Death Certificate
The client waits as the EIC prepares the document. 10 to 15 minutes Delia Batausa
Signature of the Municipal Health Officer
Client is advised to go to MHO office for the signature of the Municipal Health Offier and return the registration of the document. Dr. Bob Bernaber Batausa
Registration of Document
Client return and present the document. EIC register the document in the registry book. 3 minutes Delia Batausa
Signature of the Registered Document
The Municipal Civil Registrar will sign the documents. 1 minute Lelita D. Niñora
Releasing and Distribution
After 5 days, client will receive his / her copy.
One copy for the owner.
One copy for the midwife / solemnization.
One copy as office file for the Local Civil Registrar.
One copy to be submitted to the NSO.
1 minute Delia Batausa