Building Permit Requirements

Any person desiring to obtain a building permit shall file an application therefore in writing and on the prescribed form. Together with the accomplished application form the following shall be submitted to the office of building official.

A.) In case the applicant is the registered owner of the low:

  1. Certified true copy of TCT
  2. Tax declaration, and
  3. Current Real Property Tax Receipt/Tax Clearance

B.) In Case the applicant is not the registered owner of the low:

  1. Duly notarized copy of the contract of lease, or
  2. Duly notarized copy of the deed of absolute sale, or
  3. Duly notarized copy of contract of sale.

Five (5) sets of plans and specifications prepared, signed and sealed

  1. By a duly licensed architect or civil engineer in case of architect and structural plans;
  2. By a duly licensed sanitary engineer or master plumber, in case of plumbing or sanitary installation plans;
  3. By a duly licensed professional electrical engineer in case of electrical plans;
  4. By a duly licensed professional mechanical engineer in case of mechanical plan.

Note: Plans and Specification shall not required for

  1. Traditional indigenous family dwellings which are intended for the use and occupancy of the family of the owner only and constructed of native materials such as bamboo, nipa, logs or lumber, the total cost of which does not exceed fifteen thousand pesos (P 15,000.00).
  2. Single detached dwelling up to 20 sq. meters in floor area.

For any of the above, simple sketch with dimensions, accompanied by site location and vicinity map, will suffice.