Requesting the Preparation of Plans and Program of Works


One of the services rendered by the Municipal Engineer’s Office, specifications the Construction Section, is the preparation of Plans and Program of works as requested by barangay officials, private concerned citizens, and other offices and departments of the Municipality.
These usually are regarding repair and construction of:

  • Drainage System
  • Concrete Roads
  • Public and Government Buildings
  • Other Infrastructure Project

These services are being provided to guide constituents in the implementation of the proposed project especially regarding plans, specifications and costs.


  • • Letter Request specifying the service needed


Follow These Steps It Will Take You Please Approach
Submit Request
Submit request to the personnel-in-charge. Staff receives and records the request in a logbook and submits the same to the Municipal Engineer 3 minutes John Cris Yu, Christian Ray Obguia,
Efren Dinal, Inocenta Adlawan
Notation of Municipal Engineer>
Municipal Engineer evaluates the request and endorses it to the Construction Section. 3 minutes Dionisio P. Sarpamones
Municipal Engineer
Evaluation and Assessment
Construction Engineer evaluates and assesses the request. 3 hours Dionisio P. Sarpamones
Municipal Engineer
Site Inspection and Investigation
Construction Engineer talks to persons and barangay officials concerned on-site. 1/2 day Efren E. Dinal
Admin Assistant II
Engineer proceeds to survey work, if a survey is needed. 1 to 2 days, as needed Ruben Astacaan
Prepare Program of Works
Construction Engineer prepares detailed plans.

He then prepares a Bill of Materials.

1 week / more depend on the nature of scope of work
1 to 5 days
Efren E. Dinal
Inocenta Adlawan
Tito Rayas
Diomedes Concha
Recommendation and Approval
Municipal Engineer evaluates and approves the plans and program of work.. 5 minutes Dionisio P. Sarpamones
Municipal Engineer