Securing Certified True Copies of Municipal Council Documents

THE PUBLIC may request for certified true copies of Municipal Council documents such as resolutions, ordinances, minutes of sessions and other official issuances of the Office of the Sangguniang Bayan, through the Office of the Secretary to the Sangguniang Bayan.


  • LETTER request specifying the document(s) needed, or duly filled-up Request Form
  • payment of fees.


Computer print-out, for every page or fraction thereof (not including the certificate and notation) Php 20.00
For each certificate of correctness (with seal of office) written on the copy, or attached thereto 20.00
Photocopy or any other copy produced by copying machine, per page 20.00
Where the copy to be furnished is in printed form, in whole or in part, for each page (double this Fee if there are two (2) pages in a sheet) 40.00



Follow These Steps It Will Take You Please Approach
Submit Letter of Request
Submit letter of request or Request Form to the receiving clerk 1 minute SALOME DELGADO
SB Clerk
Acceptance of Request
SB Secretary accepts and approves work on the request 1 minute KAREN I. ROSCO
SB Secretary
Wait while assigned staff looks for document requested. 5 minutes JEMIMA N. LOZANO
Administrative Officer I
Payment of Fees
Proceed to the Municipal Treasurer’s Office to pay the required fees. 5 Minutes PATRICIA COSMO
Municipal Treasurer’s Office
Receive the Documents
Go back to the Sangguniang Bayan, Present the Official Receipt and receive the certified copies of documents requested. 1 Minute JEMIMA N. LOZANO
Administrative Officer I