Availing of Special Program for Employment of Students [SPES] (for Employers)


THE SPECIAL Program for Employment of Students (SPES) provides government agencies and participating private establishments the opportunity to help poor but deserving students and out-of-school youth in pursuing their education by employing them during summer vacation. The program was created under Republic act 7323, enacted on March 30, 1992.

SPES is conducted every year. Participating government agencies and private companies employ students and out-of-school youth for a minimum of 20 days. They are required to pay only 60% of the prevailing minimum wage in the area. The remaining 40% is paid by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) upon a student’s presentation of his enrolment form for the next school year.

To qualify for the program, participating firms and government agencies must have employed at least 50 workers at any given time during the past 12 months.


  • Pledge of Commitment – a document specifying the number of students to be hired, their desired qualifications and wage rate.


Follow These Steps Please Approach
Pre-employment Phase
Coordinate with PESO Manager and submit the Pledge of Commitment. This must be signed by the Manager and Finance / Budget Officer of the Company. Marlou Somosot
PESO Manager
Employment Phase
PESO will refer student – applicants to you. Immediately notify the office if student – applicants are accepted.

Submit a Placement Report not later than 5 days after the start of employment.

Marlou Somosot
PESO Manager