Admission to Tubigon Community Hospital

AS A PRIMARY hospital, the TCH is owned and operated by the Municipality of Tubigon.

TCH provides basic services such as:

  • General Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Obstetrics
  • Minor Surgery
  • Administrative Services
  • Nursing Services

The hospital, wherever possible, provides medicine for patients. It also offers routine laboratory services.

Case to Case Basis


  • Philhealth requirements for Philhealth member patients


Follow These Steps It Will Take You Please Approach
Admission of Patients
Go to the Outpatient department or to the Emergency Room.

Retrieval of patient’s old OPD record.

3-5 minutes Nurse/Midwife/Nursing Attendant
Completion of new OPD record:

  • Patient’s personal information is being asked.
  • Ask if the patient is a member/dependent of PhilHealth
  • Ask for Philhealth Requirements
3-5 minutes Marian P. Muga
Philhealth Processor
Mara Joyce Torreon
Philhealth Clerk
Taking of Patient’s Data
Taking of patient’s vital signs, records complaints and informs the doctor of the patient’s condition. 3-5 minutes Nurse / Midwife / Nursing Attendant
Examination of Patient
Doctor examines the patient, takes patient’s history and writes an admission order.

Gives instructions to the patient or relatives.

5-10 minutes Physician on Duty
Carrying out Doctor’s Order
Let the patient or significant others of legal age sign the consent for Hospital care. 2 minutes Nurse on Duty
Carries out doctor’s orders, inserts IV fluids, etc… Case to Case Basis
Gives initial dose of medicines to the patient 2 Minutes Nursing Attendant / Utility
Completes data in the admission forms used and makes laboratory requests, if ordered. 3 minutes Nurse on Duty
Transports patient to ward 5 minutes
Records patient’s data to the ER Logbook, Census and to the endorsement logbook. 3-5 minutes
Ward nurse also records patient’s progress, needs and intervention done while assisting the doctor during rounds. 3-5 minutes
Secure Medicine from the Pharmacy
Nurse orders medicines from the Pharmacy, for PHIC patient.

If not available at the pharmacy, relatives purchase medicine outside the hospital.

Erlinda Buligan
Jonathan Yu
Pharmacy Clerk
For Non Philhealth member  patient, medicines are being prescribed. Nurse on Duty