Availing of Outpatient Consultation at Tubigon Community Hospital

THE PURPOSE of this service is to diagnose and treat illnesses and give appropriate medical services.

Regular OPD
Mondays – Sundays 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Holidays Same Time


Consultation Fee Php 80.00
Laboratory Fee
CBC 85.00
Platelet Count 85.00
Hematocrit 60.00
Urinalysis 60.00
Fecalysis 60.00
IgG/IgM Test for Salmonella Typhi 350.00

For Laboratory Work Up / Examination:

  • Laboratory Fee Receipt
  • Laboratory Request with Complete Data


Follow These Steps It Will Take You Please Approach
Retrieval of client’s old OPD record. 3-5 minutes Nurse / Midwife / Nursing Attendant on Duty
Making of new record for new client.  Interview client for some personal information needed. 3-5 minutes
Personnel ask the client reason for consultation and writes client’s data on the OPD record sheet. 3-5 minutes
Assessment of Patient
Taking of vital signs and records in the OPD record sheet taking note of the date and time. Personnel refer the patient to the physician on duty. 3-5 minutes Nurse / Midwife / Nursing Attendant on Duty
General Consultation and Prescription of Medication
  • Examines patient
  • Advise laboratory work up if needed, laboratory request is given
  • Prescribes appropriate medicine and gives medical advice
  • If needed, admits the patient.
5 to 10 minutes Physician On Duty
Payment of Fees
Proceed to the cashier to pay required fees. 5-10 minutes Cashier
For Laboratory Work up/Examination
  1. Submission of specimen to the laboratory with the receipt and laboratory request.
  2. Specimen bottles are provide for urinalysis and fecalysis examination.
  3. Advises client about the time of release of results.
  4. Examines specimen and submits results.
  Madelyn . Alcantara
Medical Technologist
Mar Aquiles
Laboratory Technician
  1. Once laboratory result is in, the client goes back to the Physician for further management.
  2. Prescribes appropriate medicine and gives medical advice.
  3. If needed, Medical Officer admits the patient.
5-10 min Physician On Duty