Availing of X-ray Services

Availing of X-ray Services

A procedure in detecting abnormalities in the body.

A painless, non-invasive way to help diagnose problems such as broken bones, tumors and the presence of foreign bodies.

Official Reading Fee Php 55.00
X-Ray Rates
Abdominal AP 300.00
Ankle AP/L 300.00
Arm AP/L 320.00
Cervical Spine AP/L 300.00
Cervical Spine AP/L/O 700.00
Cervical Spine with Open Mouth 450.00
Chest Bucky 250.00
Chest X-ray AP/L Pedia 250.00
Chest X-ray LAT 180.00
Chest X-ray PA 180.00
Chest X-ray PA/LOR/LAT 500.00
Chest X-ray PAL 350.00
Elbow APL 250.00
Fore Arm AP/L 300.00
Foot AP/O 400.00
Foot AP/O 300.00
Hand AP/L 300.00
Hips AP/L 250.00
Knee AP/L 300.00
Leg AP/L 300.00
Lumbo Sacral AP/L 500.00
Lumbo Sacral APL, Oblique R and L 1,000.00
Mandible AP/LO 320.00
Modified Sinuses 350.00
Paranasal Sinuses 350.00
Pelvic AP 250.00
Shoulder AP 250.00
Skull AP/L 300.00
Skull Series 850.00
Thoracic Lumbar AP/L 800.00
Town’s View 300.00
Water’s View 250.00
Water’s View LAT 500.00
Wrist AP/L 250.00



  • X-ray Request with Complete Data
  • Official Receipt



Follow These Steps It Will Take You Please Approach
Go to the Outpatient department or to the Emergency Room.

Retrieval of patient’s  OPD record for old patient.

Completion of new OPD record for new patient.

Patient  receives information as to the date of release of result.

Providing x-ray request.

3-5 minutes

Nurse / Midwife /
Nursing Attendant

Advise patient for consultation if needed for assessment.

5-10 minutes

Physician on Duty

Payment of Fees
Approach the cashier for payment of desired fees.

3-5 minutes


Performing X-ray Procedure
Go to the x-ray room and present x-ray request and official receipt to the x-ray technician. 

Necessary procedure is instructed to the patient.

Patient  receives information as to the date of release of result.


Mr. Bernardito Amigo
X-ray Technician