Municipal Profile

Location Northeastern part of Bohol54 km. from the capital City of Tagbilaran North Road21 nautical miles of South Cebu City
Political Boundaries
East Municipality of Clarin
West Municipality of Calape
North Bohol Straight
South Municipality of Catigbian and San Isidro
Total Land Area 8, 1869.6 hectares
Number of Barangays 34
Coastal 12
Island Barangays 6
Mainland 16
Terrain Predominantly moderate sloping to rolling with not susceptible to slight susceptibility to erosion
Slope 8-18% moderately sloping43.77% noticeable on the strip of flat lands running along side of the coastland
Soil Characteristics Mostly comprised of annam clay
Flooding Hazard Areas 16.21% of the total land area
Climate Type IV of the Philippine Climatological Condition with no pronounced wet or dry season and characterized by maximum periods and relatively short dry season
Agricultural Use 5, 1394. 4  ha. (62.78%)
Built-up Areas 423.116 ha. (5.17%)
Agro-Forestry 1,744.217 ha.
Industrial Use 347.864 ha.
Tourism 17.356 ha.
Solid Waste Disposal 17.356 ha.
Mangrove Area 497.603 ha
Urban Center 294.3131 ha (covering 5 barangays)
POPULATION ( 2000 census)
Household Population 7, 714
Average Household Size 5.2  ( per household)
Average Mean Density 4.9 (persons per ha.)
Urban District Density 32 (persons per hectare)
Rural Area Density 4 ( persons per hectare)
Total Population 40, 385