TUBIGON – The townspeople of this bustling northern coastal municipality will be celebrating the traditional annual town fiesta on May 14 – 15 to honour San Isidro Labrador and to gratify God Almighty for all the blessings received through the intercession of the Patron Saint.

The local government of Tubigon is riding on the crest of the celebration of the town fiesta through the Tourism, Culture, Arts and Heritage Office (TCAHO) that is charged with the preparation and presentation of tourism-oriented activities under the umbrella of the Tubigon TANDA Festival, which showcases the town culture, performing arts, heritage, traditions and lore.

Lined up for public presentation under the Tubigon TANDA Festival to titillate and entertain the fun-loving Tubignons starting in the evening of May 6 at the giant fiesta performance stage that is located at the ruins of the old stone municipal building are a series of evening activities in the form of artistic stage performances put up by a number of sponsors.

The first night was highlighted by a battle of beauty and wit wherein twelve transgender vied for the one, coveted title. Ms. Sheane Marie Rivera of Maribojoc was hailed as the DYOSA 2014.

The Alturas Group of Companies sponsored the second night where a variety of talents was showcased by various performers.

The third night was sponsored by the Mater Dei College, the only collegiate institution within the town. This institution made used of their very talents to perform and entertain the Tubignons.

The DU EK SAM Inc. showcased a variety show. The presentation of the candidates for the Anyag sa Tubigon 2014 served as the highlight of the night.

A battle of champions will be shown as winners of any singing competition will have to sing their hearts out on this night for Sambunot sa Awit 2014 (Night of the Champions).

The teachers will have to step-out of their classrooms and enjoy their Dep Ed night on the 11th of May. The Governor’s Night is scheduled on the next night.

After being labelled as the cradle of beauty, this town will once again show to the whole province that we are indeed worthy of such name as they parade another set of beauties contending to be crowned as the Anyag saTubigon 2014. The pageant night will be held on the 13th of May.

On the 14th, a Bankarera (race of bancas) is organized at the Tubigon port to liven the morning and a Paint Wars Street Party in the night that will make everyone wet, wild and dirty.

Lotos-Bugsay (Dragon Boat Race) will welcome the fiesta day itself which will be followed by a Sky Diving Exhibition and the Lambay Jam to wrap up the night.

Mayor Marlon R. Amila has encouraged the Tubignons to make the Tubigon TANDA Festival 2014 not only enjoyable but also memorable and worth watching, in spite of the great earthquake that almost zapped the loins of the Tubigon populations.

These activities are not only organized to give honour to our Patron Saint but a way of giving thanks sparing us from that catastrophe as we work on our way of rebuilding our homes, our selves, our town and our province. Long live Tubigon and Happy Fiesta!

By Elaine B. Ladeza and Jimmy F. Matig-a

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